Why does my Stomach Hurt?

Why Does My Stomach Hurt is a question that is either very easy to answer, or extremely difficult?  

 Reasons your Stomach Hurts (Not in Order)

1. Overeating and Drinking will cause your stomach to become uncomfortable.  Most people tend to eat too much.  If your stomach hurts, reduce your intake of food and drink, and eat more often rather than larger meals.

2. Ulcers will cause burning pains in your stomach area.  Check to se if you are infected with Helicobacter pylori bacteria which are the main cause of ulcers.  Also, eat foods that will not upset your ulcers.  You may want to try medications that reduce the amount of acid that your body produces in order digest food.   Your body begins to produce acid even when you smell or think about food!

3. Menstrual Cramps often cause abdominal pain.  Dysmenorrheal is the term for painful periods.   Prostaglandin are the chemicals that increase the muscles ion the uterus to contract.  high levels of Prostaglandin increase the pain.  There are many more reasons stomach hurting may occur during this time,, and many symptoms unique to each individual.

4. Sharp Pains may be a sign of appendicitis, gall bladder, infections, or other serious diseases.   Pay close attention to sharp pains and seek medical advice immediately.

5. Drinking too much alcohol, coffee, and soda can cause your stomach to hurt.

6. Eating foods like dairy or wheat products if your body does not digest them very well can cause your stomach to hurt.

7. Food poisoning, harmful bacteria, or a stomach flu can cause your stomach to hurt.

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Assessing Stomach Pain 

Important Things to Consider when your Stomach Hurts

  By learning about digestion, when serious conditions arise, you will be better informed and be capable in many cases to heal. 

Your in pain.  Then you would start to think of things you ate, drank, or even activities you did, while keeping the question “Why does my stomach hurt?” in mind.  list of things to consider

When on vacation and indulging, it is pretty obvious. If you have appendicitis, it will be so much pain, it will be an easy decision to call the doctor. Stomach flu, minor digestive blips associated with big meals or drinking can be associated with why my stomach hurts. 

It may be hard to determine why your stomach hurts.   read about the confusion

Some run to the doctor who on average spends less than 2 minutes to decide a treatment. Many ailments this is fine because of recognizable symptom are so clear. 

Unfortunately, stomach pain can be caused by a wide array of conflicting and combining problems. 

Way more than even along office visit may be necessary to figure out what is wrong. Perhaps tests are needed, or keeping a log of all your pain and associated events. 

Too often, a hasty diagnosis is made by us or a medical professional and we take action “take medicines” to counter act the “stomach hurt”. Many are very effective. The problem is that they may mask a more serious problem, make the problem worse, or your body can become dependant on these medications. 

problems with medications

Some are cheap, like mints….others cost over 20 dollars per two weeks. 

Ulcers and Misdiagnosed, leading to too many medications 

It is well known that in the past most physicians here in the US treated ulcers by prescribing proton pump medications, bismuth, salicylates, H2 receptor inhibitors…none of which “cure” the ulcers. It is a fact that up to 80% of ulcers are a result of the bacteria Helicobacter pylori, which is typically killed with antibiotics. The antibiotics are a one-time fix; the others are a lifetime of medications and money for the pharmaceutical companies and drugstore retailers. . Helicobacter pylori was a dirty little secret that made a lot of money. 

The internet contains information to help when people experience pain such as stomach pain. Once people found out why their stomach could probably be hurting, that’s when they seek the help of a physician.  We want to help lead people to make their own intelligent choices. It entices people to read on and get information. They can better ask question of their medical professionals. 

why does my stomach hurt

Diagram of an Ulcer why does my stomach hurt

Why does my stomach hurt