Unbeleivable Digestion Pictures including  bowel diseases

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  Unbelievably Cool Digestion Pictures including  bowel diseases

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Parts of the Digestive System  


 Food travels down the esophagus to the stomach leading into the small intestine which then leads to the large intestine. 


ulcerative colitis.......

Unbeleivable Digestion Pictures including bowel diseases

The stomach has an upper area and a lower area. organs...


Food gets "squeezed" down the esophagus that leads to the stomach.


picture of food entering the stomach


 Food gets churned in the stomach by the muscles contracting.

 It is also mixed with acids and enzymes.  ulcers   heartburn

picture of food in the stomach


 There are many tubes in the digestive system

when your stomach hurts....

which push food along by means of peristalsis.

esophagus and stomach picture

 mucous in digestion


To examine the upper digestive system, physicians will stick a camera down your throat. This is what your esophagus looks like. You can see the tube in the lower right hand corner.   stomach lining      gastric reflux

picture of endoscopy of esophagus


 The small intestine is bundled up in the middle. it is surrounded by the large intestine.    medications for bowel diseases revealed 

diagram of intestines

 discussion of bowel diseases



 This diagram shows the parts of the digestive system spread apart.


Parts of the Digestive System

diagram of the digestive system


 There are a lot of structural parts from the mouth to the esophagus


diagram of throat and esophagus


This diagram shows the placement and structure of the salivary glands.

lists of digestive problems that cause pain


diagram of the mouth

 confusion and bowel diseases



Picture representing the inner mouth.  mucous

close up diagram of the mouth


 This picture shows the action in the stomach digesting food.

 peptic ulcers

[picture of food leaving tghe stoamch and entering the small intestine



A picture of food leaving the stomach and

entering into the first part of the small intestine.

enzymes are important at this point

Pyloric Sphincter picture


 This picture shows the two parts of the stomach.

stomach swelling

stomach ulcer picture


 picture of intestinal villi


chart of bacteria


picture of the colon large intestine



colored picture of the digestive system


colored picture of appendicitis


colored chart of the stomach lining


edoscopic picture of an ulcer


edoscopic picture of an ulcer



edoscopic picture of an ulcer




edoscopic picture of an ulcer


colored diagram of an ulcer



colored picture of the intestinal villi anatiomy  




anatomical picture of the stomach lining